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Survey on Pro Bono and Legal Aid Practice

  • The following survey was designed to help Shenzhen Futian Wider Legal Service Center (hereinafter referred to as “Wider”) assess interest and involvement in public interest advocacy and to increase your understanding of pro bono and legal aid practice.
  • The survey will take you approximately five minutes to complete.
  • This survey is only used for academic research and the data for overall statistical analysis rather than personal analysis. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Key definitions:
Pro bono --- uncompensated legal service for the public good; lawyers do not receive any remuneration.
The following services shall not be deemed as pro bono referred herein:
  1. Legal aids subsidized by government, China Legal Aid Foundation and other public sector organizations including labor unions, women’s federations and the disabled persons’ federations (collectively, “government legal aids”, for which lawyers collect certain remunerations);
  2. Free legal services provided to relatives, friends or persons rather than in economically weak positions;
  3. Free consulting offered at the preliminary stage of any paying services;
  4. Cases adopting contingency fees; and
  5. Free services provided for the purpose of soliciting paying clients
Clearinghouse --- an organization that acts as the intermediary between those people or organizations that need legal assistance and lawyers and other legal professionals who are prepared to assist them.
1、 Name
2、 Gender
3、 Age
4、 Education
5、 Where did you mainly reside when you were a child?
6、 Nature of your law firm
7、 There arelawyers and administrative employees in your office.
8、 Your current position:
9、 What is your main area of practice (more than one option allowed):

10、 Your office hours:
11、 Your weekly average working hours: hrs
12、 Your average annual personal income for the previous three years:
13、 Your incomes consist of:
14、 Have you conducted any governmental legal aid work in the last 24 months?
15、 If you respond “yes” to Question 14, what was the nature of the matter? (select all that apply)

If you responded “yes”, please answer Questions 13-15; if you responded “no”, proceed to Question 17.

16、 How many legal aid cases have you worked on in the past 24 months?
17、 What was the motivation for doing the legal aid work? (select up to three)
18、 Why did you not do governmental legal aid works?
19、 To your knowledge, “pro bono works” include: (select all that apply)
20、 What is your attitude towards conduct of pro bono works?
21、 Have you conducted any pro bono work (excluding governmental legal aid work)?

If you have conducted pro bono works, please answer Questions 21-24; if not, proceed to Question 25

22、 If you have conducted pro bono work, what is the type or form of such work (select all that apply):
Litigations for and on behalf of the underprivileged
Legal consulting for the underprivileged (including drafting of legal documents for them
Provision of summary legal knowledge to the underprivileged
Legal consulting for NGOs
Legal education and advocacy in communities and schools
Filing of legislative proposals with the relevant government agencies
Filing of public interest litigations
23、 You worked on pro bono activities,totally inputting hrs in the past 24 months.
24、 How did you get involved in pro bono work?

25、 What others’ attitude towards your pro bono work?

Family members



Head of law firm

Bar associations

Governmental agencies

26、 Why did you never conduct pro bono work?
27、 Would you consider conducting pro bono work in the future?
28、 Why did you conduct pro bono work? (select all that apply)
29、 How often does the law firm you work for conduct pro bono work?
30、 Do you think which of the following changes will inspire you to spend more efforts in conducting pro bono work? (select all that apply)

31、 What is your biggest impediment to conducting pro bono? (select up to three)
32、 What do you think about the social responsibility of a lawyer?